Black people, white people, Jewish people and women: That's not even the full list of groups targeted by racist and sexist graffiti discovered in the bathrooms at New York City's One World Trade Center construction site.

On Tuesday the Daily News reported that workers have been assigned to paint over the vandalism. The worst part of the story is that to many, it's not a story at all. According to some construction workers, confronting hateful slurs is just a part of life.


"You ask any black person on the job, and they'll say, 'What can you do about it?' " Tyson Patterson told the Daily News. "You talk and you get fired."

Meanwhile, Port Authority police launched an investigation — and dispatched officers with cameras to the men's rooms Monday to take pictures of the heinous scrawls. They'll hit the ladies' rooms in the still-under-construction building on Tuesday …

Black construction workers, victims of some of the most repugnant scrawls, were furious but said they don't dare complain when they see the N-word …

John Whikehart, a white laborer from Staten Island who has worked on the tower for three years, said the people who scrawl graffiti "are idiots."

"The stuff written here is childish and stupid, and I could absolutely see how people would take it as racist," he said. "But most of the guys on the job are decent people, from all kinds of nationalities."

Blacks weren't the only targets of the scrawls, The News discovered. There were also anti-Semitic and sexist screeds — and knocks on the Irish.


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