Racist Florida Woman Would Like to Inform You That Yes, She is Indeed Racist

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Screenshot: NBC 2

From the people that brought you Florida Man, Florida Man: Civil War, and of course, Flo Rida, comes the latest installment of the Florida Fuckshit Universe: Florida Woman.


The latest in Florida fuckery involves a racist white lady harassing two Black men just trying to do their job.

According to NBC 2, Will Osley and Melvin Finley, owners of OF Logistics, were unloading sheet metal from a truck in Lehigh Acres when Gina Brashear, our titular Florida Woman, decided that she needed to say something. “Me and him are on the back of the truck. We’re still working. We’re still unloading the sheets of metal onto the pallet,” Finley told NBC 2. “We start hearing this commotion on the other side of the truck just getting louder and louder and more intense.”


The customer the men were assisting began to record the incident on her phone. In the video, Brashear could be heard saying “nigger” six times within 30 seconds. She starts the barrage in truly the whitest way by saying “If you think I’m gonna have a nigger tell me he’s not moving from my driveway.” When told by the person recording the video that she shouldn’t say that word, Brashear doubles down and says “I can use the word nigger all goddamn motherfucking day.”

Whew, chile, the whites.

When NBC 2 reached out to Brashear for an interview she doubled down. “It doesn’t matter if I said it 100 times in 30 seconds,” said Brashear. “There’s nothing illegal about saying it.” Yeah, quick note on that. Having consulted my lawyer mother, while harassment is not a criminal offense, it can be considered a civil offense. So while not “technically” illegal, there could be some legal liability.

Damn, I just knew all those years of watching my mom go to law school would one day pay off.

Brashear also straight up admitted that she was racist. “Do I have reasons to be racist? Absolutely I do,” she told NBC 2.


You know, for a group of people who I’ve been told for years suffer from “economic anxiety,” these folks sure don’t care if racism winds up fucking up their bag. I mean, should the victims decide to file civil charges against her, that’s money out her pocket. Should she, like so many in recent years, get fired from her job due to being racist, that’s more money out her pocket. Hell, if employers don’t wish to hire her because the first thing that pops up when you google “Gina Brashear” is her admitting she’s a racist, well, that’s just guaranteeing she’s going to be broke as a mug.

White people, listen to me. For both of our sakes, just stop being racist. There’s money in it.


The victims of Brashears rant were understandably shaken up by the incident, telling NBC 2 it was a level of racism that they have never experienced.

“I’ve been insulted before. It’s nothing new to me, but this time around it’s a little, I don’t know, it just feels a little different,” Finley told NBC 2. “I have a 7-year-old son and I dread the day that he would have to go through anything similar to what I have had to go through.”


I truly hope that by the time Finley’s son grows up, white people will have finally become fiscally responsible enough to not be racist.

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Well, she is at least direct enough to be a racist WAY out in public, instead of being fake-friendly and then talking smack at the hillbilly bar.

So, that’s something anyway?!?

In any case, my prescription for this woman is more weed and less booze and crack. She could stand to mellow out about 1000%.