Race-Bending Practice: The spray tan

Although pale skin was once considered ideal among people of European descent — it showed that you had enough wealth to avoid a tan from laboring under the hot sun — these days there's nothing like a deep tan to show that you have the wealth and leisure time to bake in the sun. For the less well-off, there's spray tanning. Jersey Shore's Snooki became its new face after signing an endorsement deal with SunLove spray tanner. Looking a little pale? Get Snooked.

Spray Tan Honorable Mention: The entire cast of MTV's Jersey Shore

Lil Kim


Naomi Campbell


Race-Bending Practice: The lacefront wig

Celebs such as Naomi Campbell hide their naturally curly strands under lacefront wigs that are typically made with Asian or European human hair. Lacefronts wigs have a small piece of lace cloth on the front that is taped or glued to the scalp to give the appearance of a natural hairline. What once was created for cancer patients has turned into a widespread trend. But this race-bending practice can have unhealthy consequences. Just take a look at Naomi.


Lacefront Wig Honorable Mention: Beyonce

Jackie Chan


Race-Bending Practice: Rumored eyelid surgery

In double-eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), the skin surrounding the eye is reshaped to create an upper eyelid with an extra crease. Many East Asians are born without that extra crease, and the procedure is perceived by many as resulting in a more Western (and Hollywood-friendly) look. An old photo circulating around the Internet has fueled speculation that Chinese action star Jackie Chan had the procedure done.


Eyelid Surgery Honorable Mention: Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao

Joan Rivers


Race-Bending Practice: The nose job, part 1

The quest for a small nose with a straight bridge dates back more than 100 years ago, when German-Jewish plastic surgeon Jacques Joseph developed and began performing rhinoplasty. It became popular among Jews wishing to assimilate into European (and, later, American) cultures by adhering to the dominant Northern European beauty standard. Comedian Joan Rivers admits to having gone under the knife.


Nose Job Honorable Mention: Jennifer Aniston (said it fixed a deviated septum … yep)

Lisa Rinna


Race-Bending Practice: The Whole Package

Where do we start with Ms. Rinna? She's the poster woman for plastic surgery. From the "trout pout" lips to the reconstructed nose to the spray tan, it is clear to see that this lady has some serious image issues.


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