Race Advice Column Coming Soon to The Root

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(The Root) — We're excited to announce the April launch of Race Manners, an advice column that Staff Writer Jenée Desmond-Harris will be writing for The Root.


Once a week, she'll take on your toughest questions about the ethics and etiquette of racial interactions in a changing America. She'll settle debates, provide explanations and address those concerns you'd never discuss in public for fear of being labeled — gasp — "the r-word." (Really, is there anything worse these days?)

Taking things a few steps beyond the old and tired "Is it racist? Is it reverse racism?" conversation, responses will be grounded in a historical and cultural context, expert advice and, when it's called for, brutal honesty.


So, are you struggling with a race-based moral dilemma? Wondering what's PC and what's not (and, more important, why)? Need some perspective on a situation that's troubling, confusing or just plain awkward? Let us know. All Race Manners questions will be authentic, so to kick things off, we need to know what's on your mind.  

Send a note to racemanners@theroot.com.

Questions may be edited for length and clarity. And please, don't be shy — we'll be sure to keep your identity private.

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