R.I.P. 44-Year-Old New Orleans Bounce Deejay Black N Mild Dies After Coronavirus Diagnosis

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New Orleans-born Bounce luminary DJ Black N Mind has reportedly passed away as a result of the coronavirus at the age of 44.


The popular record spinner, whose real name is Oliver Stokes Jr., died on March 19, according to NOLA.com.

The news outlet confirmed with the Orleans Parish Coroner’s office that Stokes tested positive for the deadly disease also known as COVID-19. He was one of two coronavirus-related deaths in the state.

Stokes reportedly left work on March 9 complaining of a fever and never returned.

He admitted himself to the University Medical Center on March 11 and made his social media followers aware of his health issues, believing he had pneumonia.


Stokes is not to be confused with producer Adam “BlaqNmilD” Pigott, who has worked with Drake, Lil Wayne and Big Freedia.

Pigott reportedly posted a video on social media to dispel any confusion: “I’m the producer BlaqNmilD from New Orleans. I did a little bit of deejaying too, so I can see why some people get it confused.”


However, Stokes was a staple in the Crescent City’s music community and spent the last 25 years deejaying in throughout the Southeast.

He started the Louisiana chapter of the GO DJ Global international federation in 2008.


Most recently, Stokes worked at Arthur Ashe Charter School in Gentilly, La. when he wasn’t rocking the wheels of steel.

“Our school community is devastated,” FirstLine Schools CEO Sabrina Pence, who heads the charter organization that operates Arthur Ashe, told the outlet. “We strongly encouraged anyone that had any type of symptoms—fever, cough, not feeling well in any capacity—to stay home.”


Reest in peace, my man.

Can y’all entertain a rant for a second? I keep seeing the media report being dying as having an “underlying health condition.” At least this is how it’s reported in my state. Do you really know how many of us have “underlying health conditions?” You want to know what an underlying health condition is? It’s things like asthma, hypertension, diabetes, etc.

The media constantly qualifying deaths like this is giving people a huge false sense of security. 40% of American adults are obese, which means that most of them will have some “underlying health condition.” 32 to 46% of American adults have hypertension dependent upon whether you’re using the old or new definition. At least 10% of American adults have diabetes.

We are in more danger than we’re allowing ourselves to believe, right now. I’m young, but I’ve got (mild asthma). I already know someone hospitalized with the disease. People treating this as “just the flu” are a danger to society at this point if you ask me. There is SO much we don’t know about this diease since it’s a new strain of coronavirus. I’m not about to risk it based on ignorance. Even if you survive it, like pnemonia, it can damage your lungs to the extent that it will take years for them to fully heal if they are even able to. People literally get left breathless even after “recovery.”