Sigh. Round Three/Four/or is it Five? in the Chrihanna saga: Last night, Kanye released a spanking new Rihanna—featuring Lady GaGA!—single on his website. For free. Yes, I think it's safe to call it a dis track, considering that it's called "Silly Boy" and the lyrics go something like this:

But you`re not ok, tellin' me you miss my face
I remember when you would say you hate my waist

I can't help feeling that this is just a major diversionary tactic. After all, it was just yesterday that there was all this drama centering around those leaded pics of what appeared to be a very naked Rihanna. (No, we won't be posting those here.) And, as is the custom, the pics were leaked along with rumors that there's a sex tape out there, too.


This gets old.

A couple of months ago, she had to contend with those leaked pics of her very battered face. No fault of hers, and boo on whoever leaked them to the big bad Internets. No question about it, that was a serious invasion of her privacy.   But this is something different.

If these naked shots are indeed Ms. Fenty, then, well, I'm sorry to say: It's her own damn fault. For one, it looks as if the pictures were taken by the woman posing for the camera.  As for the picture of Chris Brown with a pair of panties on his head, well…. (He's denying that he leaked the pics.)


There's nothing wrong with being playful with your sexuality. As Billie Holiday used to sing, "tain't nobody's business" if you do. But. If you're famous, and you're dating someone equally famous, then, in this TMZ era, you've got to know that taking cell phone pics of your bare nekkidness is the quickest way to get yourself plastered all over the gossip sites. Pose and preen all you want. Just make sure that you stop before you press click. (And for God's sake, please, please, please, just just say no to video cameras in the bedroom. It won't end pretty. Just ask Jayne Kennedy and Pamela Anderson.)

Not that Rihanna is just one in a long line of stripping celebrities. Cassie got caught. Today, Miss California, aka Carrie "Just Say No To Gay Marriage" Prejean (will she ever go away?) just barely managed to hold onto her crown after topless pics of her teenaged self float around the blogosphere. And then there's Hoopz, who apparently, didn't find herself degraded enough when she appeared on "Flavor of Love." This week, pictures and a sex tape of her were "leaked' onto the Internet.

Which begs the question: Who's doing the leaking? And why?   Is this a case of celebrity exhitionism run amok? Will these pictures turn out to be some kind of brilliant career move? Or a career killer? Can we blame all these cell phone pictures and videos on porn chic?