Publix Supermarket Doesn’t Want ‘Cum’ on Graduation Cakes

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A mother in Charleston, S.C., thought she was getting a high school graduation cake for her homeschooled son who had the honor of graduating “summa cum laude,” but to her shock and dismay, the cake she received was censored.


Cara Koscinski figured she’d surprise her son Jacob with a graduation cake and ordered one online from Publix. When she started typing “Summa Cum Laude” into the online ordering system, she says the word “cum” was censored. It was then that she left an additional comment in the ordering field explaining what the phrase meant, in hopes of getting what she paid $70 for.


Well, Koscinski thought!

On Sunday, when Koscinski’s husband picked up the cake from Publix and brought it home for the graduation party, she was shocked to see that the cake read “Summa —- Laude.”

“The cake experience was kind of frustrating and humiliating because I had to explain to my friends and family like what that meant. And they were giggling uncontrollably. At least my friends were,” Koscinski’s son Jacob told WCIV-TV.

Although the family received an apology from Publix and a refund, and the store offered to remake the cake, Koscinski declined, stating, “You only graduate once.” But, if you’re lucky, you cum many times. Well, no, she didn’t say that. I did.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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with the quick release of the refund it sounds like she got the satisfaction she desired.