Antifascist British protests in London on June 1, 2013 (Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

In London, protests have erupted following the fatal stabbing of British soldier Lee Rigby on a busy street last month, writes Reuters. The suspects, who remain in police custody, claimed to have killed Rigby in retaliation for the suffering of Islamic people internationally. Their actions ignited a political firestorm, which has spilled into the city streets.

A number of protests and counter-protests have taken place in the wake of the May 22 killing of Lee Rigby, a serving soldier and veteran of the war in Afghanistan, which the authorities are treating as a terrorist incident.

Michael Adebowale and Michael Adebolajo are now in custody on suspicion of killing Rigby. Adebowale has been charged with murder and possession of a firearm.

Small but noisy far-right groups have taken to the streets several times since Rigby's killing to express anti-Muslim views. Their actions have been widely condemned and police, politicians and religious leaders have appealed for calm.

The protest by the far-right British National Party (BNP) near the Houses of Parliament was dwarfed by a counter-demonstration by a group called Unite Against Fascism (UAF).

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