The sticky icky will continue to grow and exchange hands, but not with California's consent. California voters appear to have rejected Proposition 19, an effort to legalize marijuana and allow local governments to tax the sale of the drug. Prop. 19 received national attention, but relatively little money was spent on the campaign. While millions of dollars was spent on other ballot measures, the Prop. 19 campaign was modest by California political standards. Still, no issue received more attention around the state. The measure was opposed by law-enforcement groups and elected officials from both political parties. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder had said the Obama administration would "vigorously enforce" federal drug laws against Californians who grew or sold marijuana for recreational use, even if voters passed the legalization measure. We all know that Holder does not play, but still, it would have been a nice boost to the economy. Oh well. California can continue to sidestep bankruptcy like everybody else.

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