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Proposed Texas Immigration Law Has 'Loophole' for 'the Help'

Tea Party darling Debbie Riddle
Tea Party darling Debbie Riddle

Fresh from our "We can't make this up" file, Yahoo is reporting that a proposed immigration bill would make hiring an "unauthorized alien" a crime punishable by up to two years in prison and a $10,000 fine — unless the person is hired to do household chores.


Under the House Bill 2012 introduced by Tea Party favorite state Rep. Debbie Riddle — who's been saying for some time that she'd like to see Texas institute an Arizona-style immigration law — hiring an undocumented maid, caretaker, lawnworker or any type of houseworker would be allowed. Why? As Texas state Rep. Aaron Pena, also a Republican, told CNN, without the exemption, "a large segment of the Texas population" would wind up in prison if the bill became law. Seriously?

Clearly, conservatives have lost their minds. How are you going to check someone for being "illegal," but co-sign on the illegal activities of the majority? "Illegals" are allowed to be here only when in service to a "legal" resident or citizen engaging in illegal activity? The audacity. Why not bring back indentured servitude or slavery? The hypocrisy of this democracy is nauseating. The Tea Party can keep it up and see how they handle a pro-democracy movement here in the United States.


Read more at Yahoo.

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