Professor's Lawsuit Over Using Transgender Pronouns Is Dismissed by Judge

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I really don’t understand transphobes’ devotion to not using someone’s preferred pronouns. It’s literally one of the easiest things to do.


NBC News reports that an Ohio judge dismissed the case of Nicholas Meriweather. Meriweather filed a federal lawsuit after officials at Shawnee State University disciplined him for not referring to a student by their preferred pronouns. He received a write-up for violating the school’s nondiscrimination policy. As a part of the lawsuit, school officials claimed that his speech was a job requirement and not protected under the First Amendment, a claim U.S District Judge Susan Dlott agreed with when she dismissed the case.


This man really sued his workplace because they asked him to use a student’s preferred pronouns. He did so because he said he was being asked to violate his Christian beliefs. When he filed his grievance he said he treated the student like “other biologically male students.”

Who in the actual fuck even talks like that? I’m just baffled, y’all. Perplexed. Hell, one could even say I’m flummoxed.

Additionally, I’m a bit annoyed at this man using his religion as an excuse to be a dick. Now, I’m a Christian. I can’t say I make it to church every Sunday but I’m prone to throw on some Fred Hammond every now and again. Now maybe I’m just bad at my religion but I have zero problems calling someone what they want to be called. Who am I to tell you who you are?

It could just me but in a world where kids are being shot in schools every day, wildfires are hastening mass extinctions and white people are really vibing with this current President, addressing someone how they want to be addressed just seems like a stupid thing to make an issue of. Let alone file a lawsuit over. 

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Who doesn’t remember the bible verse about only using male pronouns when referring to “biologically male” students at the university where you work...