Benson, Ariz., City Manager Glenn Nichols has let the cat out of the bag. In an interview with NPR, Nichols details how he was approached by businessmen who were planning to build a prison that would be filled with illegal immigrants. The prison would specifically house women and children who had been identified as illegal immigrants. When Nichols questioned how they would be able to hold illegal immigrants, he said the man told him it would be no problem at all. Apparently there was a new business model and business plan to lock up illegal immigrants, and Arizona's immigration law SB1070 was that plan. This explosive charge is important because although the law is being challenged in the courts, it may actually be upheld. If it is upheld, then it will require police to lock up anyone they stop who cannot show proof that they entered the country legally. That is what the prison planners will call a jackpot. Is this slavery or human trafficking 2.0? If this plan is true, it is brilliant, diabolical and sad all at once. We're familiar with the prison industrial complex, but this is ridiculous.

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