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Despite claims that he was misquoted, The New Yorker is standing by its report that Prince spoke out against gay marriage in a recent interview. So—all the way back in 1980 when Prince was singing, "White, black, Puerto Rican/Everybody just a-freakin,'" he must have specifically envisioned a radically multicultural but strictly hetero love fest. Reasonable minds can differ, and as a practicing Jehovah's Witness, Prince's apparent stance is consistent with his religious views. But for the record, The Buzz remembers driving out to the suburbs before dawn on a freezing Sunday morning in 1988, hoping to avoid the long lines "Uptown," to buy tickets to see Prince at a sold-out Oakland Coliseum. What he did onstage at the show with one-time muse Cat Glover  probably could be called "Biblical," but most definitely could not be called "holy."