Prince surprises the ladies of 'The View.'

When Prince is in the house, women go crazy. Case in point: Prince surprised the ladies of The View, showing up to chat about his tour and what it takes for longevity. Note to new artists: Learning everything about the business, including how to play instruments, is key. When his royal badness set foot on the stage, host Sherri Shepherd almost lost it, to the extent that Whoopi Goldberg had to tell her to calm down. Even Elisabeth Hasselbeck was going a little crazy. Barbara Walters blushed when he kissed her hand. Shepherd sent Prince running offstage by saying, "I've always wanted to make love to you since I was a little girl." Really? Although it was said in jest, if she was a guy, there would be cyber outrage over the inappropriateness of the comment. Double standard notwithstanding, the hysteria, pun intended, is worth watching.

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