President Obama to Appear on 'Meet the Press'

Win McNamee/Getty Images
Win McNamee/Getty Images

As fiscal-cliff negotiations continue, the president used his Saturday address to push his points on the continuing conversation, reports the Los Angeles Times. In addition, according to Politico, the POTUS will appear on NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday morning, his first visit since 2009, when he spoke about health care reform.

Obama said he believed "we may be able to reach an agreement" to avoid a series of tax increases and spending cuts set to take effect in the new year. But he warned that if Senate leaders failed, he would push for a vote on his stripped-down proposal to block the tax hikes on the middle class.

"I believe such a proposal could pass both houses with bipartisan majorities – as long as these leaders allow it to come to a vote," Obama said in his taped remarks. "If they still want to vote no and let this tax hike hit the middle class, that's their prerogative – but they should let everyone vote. That's the way this is supposed to work."

The move was meant to increase the political heat on Republicans, who opposed Obama's plan to allow taxes to rise on top earners. If no deal is reached, Republicans could find themselves in the position of blocking the legislation that would prevent the tax hike for most taxpayers.

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