If this isn't a case of the pot calling the kettle black, Ancestry.com has examined President Obama's family tree and found that he has a common matriarchal ancestor to conservative pundit Sarah Palin named John Smith, a 17th-century pastor in Massachusetts who opposed the persecution of Quakers. Apparently Obama is also a 10th cousin once removed of one of his main critics, fiery conservative broadcaster Rush Limbaugh. We knew that Obama is biracial, which is not unusual, since most Americans are of mixed heritage, but knowing that you are distantly related to two of your harshest critics certainly is different. Maybe their public loathing of President Obama has a little private self-loathing in it? We wonder if this discovery will put all of those pesky rumors about President Obama's citizenship and religion to rest, since he is related to two people who claim to represent America, freedom and Christianity … nah.

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