President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama and his family return to White House from their annual Hawaiian vacation today, but the president still managed to hit his Twitter account on the first day of the New Year.

As with the rest of us, the president may realize that he is really looking at his last days in office. For the last 17 days, POTUS will reportedly be working on ways to protect his health-care-reform legacy as well as announce last-minute pardons and clemencies.

And speaking of legacy, the president let folks know in a series of tweets what a Barack Obama presidency has done for the nation.

Obama began by humbly thanking the people for the progress that they “made possible over these past 8 years” (always a nice touch, especially when some people always put the spotlight on themselves).


He also thanked the people for miraculous job growth (thanks, O):

And then noted that now nearly every American has health care:


Hit his commitment to clean air and renewable energy:

Shouted out the fact that most of our troops are now home and not embroiled in a costly war:


And then crowed about the fact that marriage equality is now the law of the land:


Our favorite POTUS then bowed out gracefully by thanking the people for the privilege of serving as president:

The president will give his final address to the nation in Chicago on Jan. 10.