*According to the Associated Press, Martin Luther King's family has become temporarily functional enough to authorize the use of the good doctor's intellectual property for the purpose of making a feature-length biopic. Steven Spielberg is attached to produce, hopefully having shook off the bad juju from that Indiana Jones debacle.

*Having mastered playing blind Black piano virtuosos, Jamie Foxx may sink his teeth into playing Old Blue Eyes on the silver screen in an upcoming Martin Scorcese biopic. In unrelated news, several Italian-Americans recently committed seppuku.

*Two steps forward, one step back eh, Mr. President? The Tough Guy in Chief gets caught in a weak moment of humanity, bending down to allow a child to feel his hair. The child reported the hair felt smooth despite having to navigate around a 'crown of thorns.'


*In a NewsOne and GIANT exclusive, Malcolm Shabazz, first male heir to Malcolm X sits down in a candid interview where he discusses a hard twenty-four years one Earth from an unstable home life to the aftermath of the fire he set which took the life of his grandmother Betty Shabazz.

*Danielle Belton truly has her nose in the air on this one, and rightfully so. America, leader of nations that it purports itself to be, is woefully behind on this account. What a man or woman's sexual preference has to do with the ability for them to defend our nation against enemies both foreign and domestic is beyond The Buzz's comprehension.


*In an interview with Parade, modeling legend Iman talks shares her thoughts on Michelle Obama's beauty. Apparently desirous of receiving the side eye from Black folks er'rywhere, Mrs. Bowie wins a back-handed compliment award for saying FLOTUS has a 'bright, interesting look' but is nota  "great beauty". Ouch. Still, she holds the First Lady down in speaking to the longevity that such beauty possesses.

*In a commentary piece for CNN, Eve Ensler, author of 'The Vagina Monologues' and foudner of V-Day, discusses the horrid brutalities women in the Congo are facing as power is sought through the extermination. They are women. They are Africans. Are they doomed?


*Pittsburgh Steeler James Harrison is a loyalty guy. He's skipping the Super Bowl champs' visit to the White House because Barack Obama would have had the gall to invite the Arizona Cardinals had they won the Super Bowl. Who does Obama think he is, inviting championship teams to his home as he does in all major sports?! We salute you, James Harrison.