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Sharon Jones, Lonnell McDonald, Cedric Jones Jr. and Cecila McDonald
Dallas County Jail

Editor’s note: This article contains gruesome details about the alleged killing of an unborn baby.

Four Dallas adults were recently arrested for severely assaulting a pregnant 14-year-old girl, and police believe the attack was an attempt to end the pregnancy, WFAA reports.


The assault took place sometime between January and March 2013, according to court documents. The adults were all cousins of the teenager, according to WFAA, and were upset that she was pregnant, reportedly after she was sexually assaulted by an unnamed relative. According to court documents, the adults—Sharon Jones, Cecila McDonald, Lonnell McDonald and Cedric Jones Jr.—tried multiple ways to terminate the pregnancy: first by giving the teen several doses of birth control pills, then the morning-after pill and then “cinnamon tablets,” WFAA explains. 

When those methods didn’t work, the physical assault began to take place in Sharon Jones’ home. Cecila McDonald pinned the teen to the ground, according to court documents, while Lonnell McDonald allegedly sat on the teen’s stomach and bounced up and down.

All of the adults allegedly beat, punched and kicked the girl in the stomach. The teen began having severe cramps and was forced into premature labor. She reportedly delivered the stillborn baby in the bathroom, and several attempts were made to dispose of the baby’s body, according to the news station. A police spokesman said that they are still searching for the remains.

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