Steve Stoute and Jay-Z have teamed to launch Translation, an ad agency directed at what many hope is a recession-proof demographic: Educated, urban youth with earning potential.

Branding, They Go Hard, They Go Hard

While The Buzz can't help but think of Steve Stoute in two regards—as the Stoute of "tell Stoute to holla at me man" fame and as the executive who Diddy tattooed with champagne bottle—Translation seems, at first glance, to be bringing something refreshing to the ad world. And the move is certainly shrewd for Jay-Z, a man who, upon further inspection or his business dealings of the last few years, isn't the genius he's made out to be. Good, but no genius. 

Let's hope Translation succeeds and hope the educated urban youth demographic is recession-proof because something tells us not even The Obama has a bailout plan for this set unless it's earmarked with blaming them for the woes of modern society and the general decline of humanity.