Postelection 'Riots' at Ole Miss?


The events that unfolded on the campus of the University of Mississippi Tuesday night after President Barack Obama was declared the winner of the election are being characterized as a "riot" by some, and simply a "protest" or "disturbance" by others. (The scene struck the Atlantic, which concluded that "Ole Miss students [who] weren't very good at rioting over Obama" were "a few drunk college kids acting like idiots.")


Labels aside, photos and video shot on the campus last night show large groups of Ole Miss students who were less than happy with the results of the race and did much more than peacefully demonstrate in dissent. There were reports of racial slurs heard in the crowd, and some lit Obama-Biden signs on fire. Reports of hostile reactions to the re-election of the nation's first African-American president likely attracted extra scrutiny because of the school's infamous troubled racial history involving the riots that surrounded the 1962 integration of the school. News Weather and Sports for Montgomery, AL.


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