Popeyes Worker Fired for Bringing Son to Work to Help With Chicken Sandwich Demand

SIGN OF THE TIMES: This sandwich is getting just as much negative media attention as President Trump.
SIGN OF THE TIMES: This sandwich is getting just as much negative media attention as President Trump.
Photo: Popeyes

Another week, another un-clucking-believable Popeyes Chicken Sandwich story.

Just when we thought we’ve heard the most bizarre news surrounding the popular fast food snack—from someone being murdered while standing on line, a worker body-slamming a 55-year old woman and another woman who crashed her luxury vehicle in a drive-thru—comes more crazyment.

A Texas man is now out of a job for making the decision to bring his young son to work in effort to help out overworked staffers during the frenzy that continues to ensue around the crispy, crunchy menu item.

According to Inside Edition, a child was photographed helping prepare the insanely popular Popeyes chicken sandwich in a restaurant in The Colony, Texas, near Dallas.


The boy, who was wearing an apron and sneakers, is said to have been about 8 years old and no taller than four feet tall.

The customer who snapped the video told the outlet the franchise location was packed and the staff struggled to keep up with the chicken sandwich orders.

“[He] was working with the flour that they …cook the chicken in… It looked like he was working hard,” she told Les Trent.

It’s against federal and state child labor laws to have a minor working.

A Popeyes rep said, “the restaurant owner has terminated the employee who brought their child, a minor, into the kitchen.”

The sandwich, which gained traction earlier this summer after engaging in a social media war with other fast-food competitors, returned back to the market on Nov. 4 after selling out of its inventory in August.


Now, it seems to have caused more mayhem than ever.

In addition to the aforementioned series of unfortunate incidents, seven employees at a Milwaukee Popeyes (including the manager on duty) were fired after engaging in a wild brawl with one another on last Wednesday.


A few days earlier in a drive-thru near San Diego, two couples threw hands and various other things while waiting more than an hour for the sandwich.

Who waits in a line for over an hour for something they have to pay for?


I wish a jigga would.

This sandwich is getting just as much bad media attention as Poor POTUS.

And as all of this conflama (conflict+drama) continues, Auntie Annie is nowhere to be found.

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Popeye’s sandwich drama is a symptom, not a cause.

1) Consumer culture run rampant. No sandwich is this good or necessary that people would be doing this crap for it. Mass insanity.

2) Did Dad bring his little reincarnated chimney sweep to work because he had no other care available or would be penalized for not coming in at his boss’ demand?

3) Why the fuck is Popeye’s not able to keep up with this demand or even hire enough employees at their franchise locations to make enough sandwiches?

21st Century America is not the future we were promised. It is a dark and broken place.