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Poll: Boycott Florida Businesses and Products?

The profile picture of the "Boycott Florida" Facebook group
The profile picture of the "Boycott Florida" Facebook group

If it grows in Florida, was made in Florida or makes money in Florida, then it is eligible to be included in a list of products and businesses that some Trayvon Martin supporters will boycott as a way to protest the not-guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman second-degree-murder trial.


More specifically, creators of the "Boycott Florida" Facebook page want state legislators to repeal the "Stand your ground" law that shielded Zimmerman from prosecution. According to the group's Facebook description, it hopes that "an economic embargo on Florida's industry will force corporations to use their power, money and influence to stand with us against Stand Your Ground."

And "the happiest place on Earth" is no exception. That's right: Walt Disney World Resort is among those businesses in the bull's-eye: The franchise's most notable symbol — Mickey Mouse — is the profile picture for the group's Facebook page, except that there's a red slash across Mickey's face, along with the words "Just Say No."


The Philly Post is reporting that verdict protesters in Philadelphia vow to boycott Florida oranges and Florida orange juice. Tropicana is undoubtedly not happy about that.

Efforts are being made by Trayvon Martin supporters for an all-out boycott of Florida oranges and products derived from them. On Sunday, at a rally in Philadelphia’s Love Park that drew at least several hundred protesters, the call was clear: Don’t eat Florida oranges, and don’t drink Florida orange juice. Similar messages have been going out around the country via social media and online petitions.

Will you boycott Florida businesses and products as a way to protest the Zimmerman verdict? Take the poll below and tell us what you think.


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