Members of the group Silence Is Violence hold photos of relatives killed in New Orleans. (Associated Press)

Is polygamy really so terrible? In response to the argument by conservatives like Rick Santorum and Antonin Scalia that gay marriage could be a slippery slope leading to polygamy, some have wondered aloud whether plural marriage is really so bad. Slate reports on a study that says it is.

Eddie Murphy and Will Smith exes plan reality show: According to the Urban Daily, Eddie Murphy‘s ex-wife, Nicole, and Will Smith‘s ex-wife, Sheree, are slated to co-star in a VH1 reality show called Ex-List.

Judge orders counseling for Halle, Gabrielle and Nahla: He has reportedly taken into consideration suggestions put forth by the Department of Children and Family Services, which include mediation that would allow a third party to meet with Berry and Aubry to figure out how they can raise their child peacefully going forward. 

New Orleans police release criminal records of victims: They say that revealing a victim's rap sheet lets the public know that much of the violence is happening between people with similar criminal backgrounds. Families of the slain victims say the practice is insensitive, and others outraged with the policy say that it has racial overtones and sends a message that the victims got what was coming to them.

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