Plus Size Modeling/Facebook

Should Barbie come in plus sizes? A Facebook page for Plus Size Modeling is asking just that. The page, which features a plus-sized Barbie with a triple chin, asks followers to "like" the image if they think toy companies should make the dolls and to comment if not.

As of midday Sunday, more than 41,000 people had "liked" the image, and more than 5,400 had left comments.

Some commenters were outraged.

‚ÄúThis is not what plus size women looks like,‚ÄĚ one woman said. ‚ÄúThis doll is a terrible impression of a plus size woman.‚ÄĚ

Others were more supportive.

‚ÄúNot every big girl is unfit or unhealthy!‚ÄĚ another person said. ‚ÄúI'm sick of people saying someone is unhealthy because of their size!!! An average size Barbie would be awesome and would probably boost confidence to millions of little girls everywhere!!!!! Being yourself is one of the most beautiful things!!!‚ÄĚ


Some liked the idea, but expressed concern about the Facebook image.

‚ÄúWhy not have a realistically proportioned Barbie that promotes healthy diet and exercise?‚ÄĚ one commenter wrote.

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