Please Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves

Hello. We’re The Root.

Once a gleam in a noted professor’s eye, nurtured and carefully tended to by a tireless warrior woman and a bevy of brilliant bosses, we have been through the fire and walk among you the unburnt, First of Our Names, Blog of Unapologetic Blackness, Snatcher of Wigs, Bane of Bigots, #TeamRoot, run by some sensitive nerds, a few proud weirdos and one former snob.

We come from disparate places and motley backgrounds. The streets of D.C. The suburbs of St. Louis. Jamaica. The dirty South. JERSEY. This sunny beach we’re all jealous of. New York, N.Y. We sometimes talk too much. Idris Elba once wished one of us happy birthday. Black Lives Matter. All of us have champagne tastes and beer money. Drake wishes his patois were as good as ours. We #StayWoke. Every once in a while we have to remind people that social media is forever, and hate only makes us stronger. We agree except for when we don’t agree. We do it for the ancestors, the culture and the ’gram. Our Afros? Big. All of our parties? Lit. We love, we live, we write. We started from the bottom and now we’re here ... on Kinja.

Get to know us!

Editor-in-Chief of The Root. Nerd. AKA "The Black Snob."

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We started from the bottom and now we’re here ... on Kinja.

Well, if anyone needed proof that progress is going too slowly ...

I’m kidding. Sort of. I mean, you’re The Root, so is it really good for you to not be at the bottom?

Anyways, it’s pretty cool that you guys are getting incorporated into Kinja land. I feel like you round out the remaining network of “Gizmodo Media” sites quite nicely.

Are you guys “officing” with the Gizmodo Media folks or are you scattered all over the country?