Did anyone look at this along with Papa Joe Jackson’s comments to CNN’s Don Lemon at the BET awards with utter disgust?

Dressed in a zoot suit that looks tailor made for Satan, Jabbing Joe stood there talking about his new business venture amid questions about the death of his own son.

It was obvious that after all these years Joe was still exploiting his children’s talent for financial gain.

Unfortunately, it seems not many have learned the lesson of what effects such a move can have on their children.

New York magazine has spotlighted parents who have turned to peddling their tots to model scouts hoping to make some money off their cute creations. Indeed, many modeling agencies are saying the influx of interest from parents stems from the notion that a baby can bust budget woes.

While it’s certainly not wrong to help a child achieve their dreams, I highly doubt that the word “model” is the first word uttered by most babies. Moreover, I suspect not many active babies would enjoy the idea of their diapers being glued to a seat so a photographer can get their shot.


And though most of these parents reside in the merry old land of Britain, many parents stateside are pushing their toddlers into pageants with the hopes of making quick money in the recession.

Then you have those parents who push their kids into becoming models or singers with dreams of living vicariously through their children’s talent and netting 10% in the process.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with helping a child achieve his or her dream, but is there not something despicable about using your baby to solve financial failure?


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