Phylicia Barnes Found?

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Two bodies were found recently in the Maryland’s Susquehanna River just 45 miles away from the apartment where missing North Carolina teen Phylicia Barnes was last seen on December 28.

Crews working on the Conowingo Dam flagged state troopers around 7:30 Wednesday morning when they discovered a body in the water. Police would later find a male and female body in the water, both in such bad condition that officials say dental records might not be enough to identify them. Officers say it is too soon to determine whether or not the body is of Phylicia Barnes.


Barnes was visiting her half-sister in Maryland when she vanished last December. She had apparently gone out to get a bite to eat and possibly get her hair done, says law enforcement.  Barnes’ half-sister’s ex-boyfriend was the last to see her that day. He says she was sleeping on the couch before he left in the early afternoon. The last time her half-sister heard from Barnes was when she texted her around noon that same day.

 It would be tragic if the body does in fact turn out to be Phylicia, but it could possibly give this family — who has been in shambles for the past four months — the closure they deserve.

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