So the Valley Swim Club on the outskirts of Philly is livid.  A group of black and Latino summer campers showed up at their pool for a nice refreshing swim.  However, the Valley Swim Club doesn't want black or Latino children from the Creative Steps Day Camp in Northeast Philly in their pool.  [Even if the camp paid the Club $1900 to swim there.] A spokesman from the Club said blacks would change the complexion of the Club.  In other words, whites would terminate their memberships just at the "thought" a black person was within 700 yards from the Club because black depreciates everything.  In other words, whiteness to these people still exists between social utopia and genetic perfection.  In other words, the idea of opening their doors to urban children looked good wrapped in money, but the first sight of those kids reminded them segregation trumps money every time.  In other words, black children have a way of excreting ethnic oils in white-only pools and everyone knows those oils get in the pores and cause spontaneous combustion, or white obliteration, or harmonious living.

I feel for those kids.  The Valley Swim Club should be set on fire and burned down.  What?  Plagues were once obliterated by fire.  Why not now?  In the meantime, I suggest someone [you or me, or others] go up to the Valley Swim Club and do a classic sit-in, or swim-in, or pee-in.  I'm kidding about the pee-in, of course, but those folks should be put on trial and punished for dehumazing and terrorizing black children.


Keith Josef Adkins is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and social commentator.

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