Philadelphia Cop Caught Threatening Teen on Camera

Unidentified Philadelphia police officer allegedly threatening teen.

A Philadelphia police officer faces disciplinary action after threatening a teenager who merely looked him in the eye, NBC10 reports.

According to the report, the video, originally published on Facebook Oct. 17, shows a group of teens walking and then the unidentified officer coming up behind the teens and starting to swear.


“Big man, do we have a problem?” the officer taunts one youth. “Because I notice that you keep trying to make eye contact with me. Is there a problem?”

The teen’s reply was inaudible. 

“OK, well, keep f—king walking,” the officer responds. “The next time you look me in my f—king eye, I’m gonna beat the s—t out you!”

According to NBC10, Philadelphia police have said that they know about the incident and the officer will be disciplined. However, they did not release any more information about what led up to the incident or identify the officer. A law-enforcement source did tell the news station that the officer was part of the 19th District.

Read more at NBC10.

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