Pharrell Williams (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Pharrell Williams (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Thus far, 2013 has been a renaissance of sorts for the music career of Pharrell Williams. His collaborations with others — and even his own songs, in which he is front and center — have been all over the radio and all up in the clubs, but no song has been more omnipresent than "Blurred Lines," his collaboration with Robin Thicke and T.I.

If you will recall, the chart-topping single was such a big hit that Pharrell, Thicke and T.I. filed a lawsuit together against the family of Marvin Gaye to prevent a lawsuit. The Gaye family was prepared to allege in court that the authors of the song copied Gaye's "Got to Give It Up." Pharrell recently spoke to the Associated Press to give his take on the suit.

"If you read music, all you have to do is read the sheet music. It's completely different," he said while on the red carpet during an event for the Calvin Klein Collection during Fashion Week.

Gaye "is the king of all kings, so let's be clear about that. And we take our hats off to him," he said. "But anybody that plays music and reads music, just simply go to the piano and play the two. One's minor and one's major. And not even in the same key."


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