Pay Attention: They Are Trying to Keep You From Voting

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Are you registered to vote? Have you confirmed that your voter registration is valid and ready to go for Election Day? Even if you think you are positively sure everything is OK with your registration, double-check it again—it’s imperative that you do.

According to a report by Salon, voters in Georgia stand a 1 in 10 chance of having been purged from the voting rolls. What’s worse is the deadline to register to vote in the state of Georgia is on Tuesday. That’s a small window of time for something that is so important.

It cannot be stressed enough. Check your voter registration.

In Texas, 2,400 people who registered to vote online through the website had their applications rejected for not complying with state law. In Texas, your voter registration application must include your handwritten signature. Although the deadline to register to vote in Texas is also Tuesday, state officials told My San Antonio that those affected by the issue will have ten days to mail in their paperwork ... after they receive it in the mail from the state.


These are just two examples of the many snafus and roadblocks that can disenfranchise voters this midterm election.

So I say again: Check your voter registration.

Make sure everything is as it should be. Don’t wait until the last minute.

Voting in this midterm election is so important. Don’t let anything keep you from it.

News Editor for The Root. I said what I said. Period.

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Due to the hurricane threatening the Panhandle and North Florida, many counties are closing their offices. The last day to register to vote is tomorrow, Oct. 9. The state has no provisions providing for how to handle voter registration during a state of emergency.

Many of the counties in the affected areas hover around the federal poverty line, so I don’t expect them to have fetterless access to the Internet to register online. We need such people to ensure someone files a court order IN EACH AFFECTED COUNTY to ensure registering to vote is an option until it is safe for people to register.

This is not test. The acting Black Democratic Mayor of Tallahassee running for Governorship has to work with his White Republican adversary Governor who is currently running for Congress. Pay attention.