Pastor With AIDS Who Admitted to Adultery With Church Members Won’t Step Down


Deacons of the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Montgomery, Ala., have now filed a lawsuit against the Rev. Juan D. McFarland, who shook his congregation when he confessed to sleeping around with church members even though he knew he had AIDS, NBC News reports


Church members voted almost unanimously (80-1) to get rid of the disgraced pastor, but McFarland has refused to step down and is still conducting services on Sunday. Deacons have resorted to the lawsuit, citing his “debauchery, sinfulness, hedonism, sexual misconduct, thievery and rejection of the 10 Commandments,” NBC notes.

According to NBC, the lawyer representing the deacons said that one McFarland supporter, Marc Anthony Peacock, allegedly threatened them with the “castle law” if they showed up at the church again.

“Most of the membership is scared to go to church right now,” attorney Kenneth Shinbaum said. “They don’t want someone to shoot them.” 


McFarland shocked the church when he confessed to multiple offenses ranging from drug use to the affairs while testing positive for AIDS to misusing church money.

According to the deacons, the stubborn pastor has allegedly changed the locks to the church and even switched its bank accounts into his name. Approximately 50 people listened to his sermon Sunday, although, according to Shinbaum, those attendees seemed to be “outsiders.”

Still, the attorney admitted, McFarland had some supporters.

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