Rev. Cedric Miller is under fire.

A pastor who ordered his congregation to shun Facebook because it was a "portal to infidelity" had a four-way relationship with his wife, a male church assistant and the assistant's wife. The Telegraph is reporting that the Rev. Cedric Miller, 48, the pastor who claimed that 20 couples from his 1,100-member church had experienced marital problems in recent months after contacting ex-partners through Facebook, has actually been engaged in an illicit affair. Over the weekend, Miller's local newspaper disclosed that he "didn't need Facebook to be part of an extramarital affair." Apparently the good reverend and his wife were involved in an illicit affair with his church assistant and his wife, and the details were laid out in a transcript of a criminal trial in which the assistant was facing criminal charges, which were eventually dismissed. We'll spare you the tawdry details, but if this isn't a case of the "pot calling the kettle black," we don't know what is. Miller has admitted the affair and offered to resign.

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