Pastor John Gray Pledges, ‘I’ll See You Next Week, and the Next Week After That’ While Megachurch Faces Eviction

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If the Church of Beyoncé was to DM Pastor John Gray of Relentless Church, they might ask, “Sir, have you paid your bills? Have you paid your telephone bill, Have you paid your automo-bill? Then, maybe Relentless can chill.”


Ok, that was a bad joke, but I laughed when I thought of it. Anyway...

Early in December, it was reported that Relentless Church, a Greenville, S.C., megachurch headed by not so scandal-free pastor John Gray, is facing eviction due to non-payment of their lease agreement.

Well, as of Sunday, the “good” pastor is making it clear that Relentless Church, despite what people may have heard, isn’t going anywhere, according to Greenville News.

“God bless you, Relentless,” Gray said concluding his 8 a.m. service. “We love you so much, and I’ll see you this week coming and the next week after that and the next week after that and the next week after that and the next week after that.”

The megachurch resides on property owned by Redemption Church and Ron and Hope Carpenter. On Jan. 2, Redemption Church filed documents in court to seek eviction. While there have been no reports of an eviction process actually starting yet, Greenville News reported that last week property owners asked Gray to show why Relentless Church should not be evicted, and a hearing has been scheduled for Jan. 31 to give Gray’s church a chance to do just that.

Redemption says that Relentless is behind on payments to cover costs associated with the church property on Haywood Road, including the Imagine Center, a fitness facility also part of the church campus. But Gray claims this is not the case and that his church is up to date on all payments due.


“We have paid what we owe, according to our agreement, and everything is going to be shared at the right time through the proper legal channels,” Gray said to his congregation last week. “But until then, we, the Relentless Church, will continue to have service and we will maintain the moral high ground.”

For those unfamiliar with the controversial pastor, incidents that have threatened his popularity include his televised meeting and prayer for President Donald Trump, his cheating on his “rib” in a scandalous extramarital affair, him having the audacity to try and tell single women how to be worthy of marriage and criticism he’s taken for buying his wife a $200,000 Lamborghini, which hits a little different in light of recent events.


I’m not saying it could be karma, but it could be karma.


Foxstar loves Bashcraft

Yet another megachurch grifter enriching himself and his kin by the countless members, some of who can barely pay their own bills wanting to give God what he asks for. And what’s more, those people excusing his bullshit when they should have called for him to step his jiving ass down the moment he was shown to be not worthy of their trust, much less the ability to spend the church’s money.

Jesus wept..and got a cat of nine tails ready for his ass the moment he steps out of this life.