Pants on the Ground?!

Larry Platt, obviously too old to really be considered as a contestant on American Idol, had a few choice words for all the young men out there wearing their pants too low. He's a 62-year-old veteran of the Vietnam War and has set himself up to be one of the most memorable performers on the show's history. Watch here.

Platt has quickly become a star. He'll appear on The View on Monday to perform his song once again. And of course, he's already staked his claim on Twitter. Follow the trending topic "Pants on the Ground" here.


RT @RyanSeacrest "Pants on the ground" fever hits youtube! haha watch these covers‬

Soar_09: oh man idk why i watched this Pants on the ground video but its now stuck in my head… this is gonna be a hit!


Platt's definitely on to something here. And I'm glad the Idol producers let him on the show—even if just to get a laugh and better ratings—to send out a little message to all the baggin', saggin' guys—and girls, yes I've seen it—out there. So what do you think about Larry Platt and his Idol hit?


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