Padres Outfielder Tommy Pham In 'Good Condition' After Stabbing Outside of Strip Club

Tommy Pham #28 of the San Diego Padres poses for a photo during Photo Day at Peoria Sports Complex on February 20, 2020 in Peoria, Arizona.
Tommy Pham #28 of the San Diego Padres poses for a photo during Photo Day at Peoria Sports Complex on February 20, 2020 in Peoria, Arizona.
Photo: Brady Klain (Getty Images)

Strip clubs have never in life been my ministry, and it’s stories like these that remind me why I choose to abstain.


From NBC News:

Tommy Pham, an outfielder for the San Diego Padres, was stabbed in the back outside a strip club in the city on Sunday night.

The 32-year-old was stabbed at least once during a fight in the club’s parking lot after 10:30 p.m. and suffered non-life-threatening wounds, according to NBC San Diego, citing police.

According to ESPN, the altercation occurred after Pham saw two strangers arguing near his car and when he asked them to move, the situation escalated and he was stabbed in his lower back. Thankfully, no major organs were hit, though he required stitches to sew up the wound. Pham is expected to make a full recovery and is currently listed in “good condition.”

“I’d like to thank the incredible medical staff at UC San Diego Health for taking such great care of me last night,” Pham said in a statement. “I truly appreciate the hard work of the [San Diego Police Department] as well as they continue their search for the suspects. While it was a very traumatic and eye-opening experience for me, I’m on the road to recovery and I know I’ll be back to my offseason training routine in no time.”

The Padres, however, have thus far declined to comment on the situation.

Police are continuing to investigate the incident and Pham’s attackers remain at large.

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There’s always so much violent crime around strip clubs. Once, late at night, I was waiting for AAA to come change a flat across the street from one when a crew literally sent two scouts around my car to scope out how easy it would be to rob me. I was wearing a high ponytail so I guess I looked rob-able. The one butch lesbian casually walked toward my car & I could see on her face, she started wondering why I didn’t look afraid and was staring unmoving and unblinking at a confused dog, her head tilted and her eyes started searching...then she saw the reason I was turned sideways in the driver’s seat: I had set up as they were pulling in to park...and there was no way I’d miss HER. She signalled to the 6'4 dude coming up from the rear of my car & she and the rest of the crew standing by watching gathered up and they all just moseyed off toward the club - in the opposite direction from me.

Like some shit from Animal Planet, that head predator’s second thought/curiosity saved her life that night.