Pa. Pizza Deliveryman Shot Multiple Times by Police Gets $4,400,000 Settlement

Philippe Holland
Philippe Holland

A Philadelphia pizza deliveryman who was shot multiple times after plainclothes police officers fired 14 times at his vehicle has agreed to a $4.4 million settlement with the city, the Associated Press reports.

Philippe Holland still has bullet fragments in his brain and suffers from a seizure disorder after being hit in the head, neck and leg in the April 2014 incident, his lawyers say, according to the newswire. City lawyers called the events "unfortunate" and "regrettable" in announcing the settlement Friday. At the time of the shooting, then-Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey apologized, visiting the then-20-year-old at the hospital.

Holland claimed in a lawsuit that he thought he was being robbed after the plainclothes officers, who were investigating a shooting blocks away, approached him. Holland was shot trying to flee the scene.


The settlement also includes an agreement for new training policies for plainclothes officers.

Back in 2014, then-police spokesman Lt. John Stafford said that policy guidelines instructed officers not to fire into moving vehicles "unless deadly physical force is being used against the … officer or another person … by means other than the moving vehicle."

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