Pa. Churchgoer Fatally Shot in Fight Over Seat at Sunday Service

Mark Storms, 46, is charged in the fatal shooting April 24, 2016, of a fellow churchgoer, Robert Braxton III, in what police say was a dispute over seating at the Keystone Fellowship Church in Pennsylvania. 
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A Pennsylvania churchgoer was fatally shot after a fight broke out over a seat for a Sunday service, the New York Daily News reports

According to the report, the argument started when a churchgoer told Robert Braxton III, 27, that he was sitting in seats reserved for two other parishioners during Sunday service April 24 at Keystone Fellowship Church.


Braxton yelled, "Don't [f—king] touch me!" after the parishioner tapped him on the shoulder to let him know he was in someone else's seat, according to the report. Braxton continued to argue about the seating, authorities said witnesses recounted, but calmed down after a church usher and a pastor spoke to him.


However, according to officials, the situation soon escalated after 46-year-old Mark Storms came up to Braxton with a gun in hand, and demanding that Braxton leave. Authorities said that Storms showed a concealed weapon permit badge, which District Attorney Kevin Steele's office said it believes was bought online. 

“When he came over, he had a gun out, escalating the situation,” Steele said at a news conference Thursday. “Braxton then took a swing at the defendant, punching him in the jaw.”


"What are you going to do, shoot me?" Braxton goaded Storms before punching him, according to court records. 

"[F—k] you and your fake badge, get the [f—k] out of here," Braxton told Storms, according to witnesses, the Daily News reports. 


Storms shot the 27-year-old, hitting him in the chest and the right arm, authorities say. Braxton was rushed to the hospital but died from his injuries. 

Storms was charged with voluntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment, officials said. 


"Storms’ shooting of Mr. Braxton was not a reasonable self-defense situation," the district attorney said.

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