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Live news broadcasting is serious and important business, but it can also lead to memorable gaffes. Here are a handful of examples.


Grace Under Pressure: Lester Holt

Viewers who saw it live Saturday night were convinced that a weather reporter was relieving himself when anchor Lester Holt tossed to him. But an NBC representative says that Mike Seidel was just looking for his phone, which he had dropped in the snow just before his live shot on the NBC Nightly News. Watch what happened:

“I Quit”

Back in September, KTVA 11 reporter Charlo Greene was about to end a segment about the Alaska Cannibis Club when she veered off script, telling viewers that she was, in fact, the club’s owner. But that wasn’t the startling part. Watch the video below:

There Is a Fly …

A News 4 reporter was recapping a bit of serious news when he suddenly began shrieking. It turns out a bug flew into his mouth—and then this happened (NSFW):

Lynette Holloway is a contributing editor at The Root. The New York-based writer is a former New York Times reporter and associate editor at Ebony magazine.

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