Mo'Nique accepts her Oscar (GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images)

Maybe Morgan Freeman, Gabourey Sidibe and Lee Daniels got robbed of top honors at the 82nd Academy Awards, but Mo'Nique was a winner on Oscar night. Among the highlights:

*Mo'Nique wins best supporting actress for her performance in "Precious," and gives props to Hattie McDaniel, the first black actress to win an Oscar, in her acceptance speech.

*"Music by Prudence" wins for best short documentary, and Elinor Burkett pulls "a Kanye" on Roger Ross Williams during the acceptance speech.

*Geoffrey Fletcher wins for best adapted screenplay for "Precious," leaving him visibly moved.

*Morgan Freeman loses to Jeff Bridges for best actor.

*Gabourey Sidibe loses to Sandra Bullock for best actress, but not before being lauded by Oprah.

*"Precious" director Lee Daniels loses to 'The Hurt Locker" director Kathryn Bigelow for top honors in their category.


*"Precious" loses to "The Hurt Locker" for best picture, and Anthony Mackie takes the stage in triumph with his co-stars Jeremy Renner and Brian Geraghty, Bigelow, and the rest of the crew. 

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