Oprah's Reaction to Eating This White Woman's Seasonless Chicken is All of Us

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Screenshot: The Oprah Winfrey Network (YouTube)

Imagine a world bereft of Lawry’s.

Potato salad defiled by acorns and raisins. Brussel sprouts and squash drowning in tubs of mac and cheese.


For the Caucasian contingent, this is every day life. But for the rest of us, this is a fate reserved for nightmares and therapist couches.

In 2006, a domestic terrorist by the name of Anna Ginsberg somehow won the Pillsbury Bake-Off—an annual cooking contest that began in 1949 and I presume prohibits black mothers from participating in—with her Chicken and Spinach Stuffing.

Which apparently tastes as bland as it sounds—as evidenced by Oprah’s reaction to falling on the sword and subjecting her tastebuds (and psyche) to Anna’s million dollar “recipe”.

“Did we add salt and pepper?” Oprah asks in disbelief, “I think we need salt and pepper.”

“No, there’s no salt and pepper in it,” Anna replies, “But you can add it yourself.”



Thankfully, Oprah was able to survive this brush with death—a clear violation of the Geneva Convention. But for whatever reason, Twitter decided to revisit this travesty today. As well as offer some retrospective insight:


Anna’s seasoning rack was unavailable for comment.

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Mercenary Chef

My absolute favorites are the ‘professionals’ who, when asked why there are no seasonings in or on the food, say stupid shit like “I didn’t want to take away from the natural flavors of the main ingredients.”

Nah, asshole, you just don’t know how to balance spices, so get the fuck out my kitchen, and take your raisins with you.