On Kehlani, Nick Young, And Gender-Based Double Standards For Cheaters

Kris Connor/Getty Images for Mr. Nice Tie
Kris Connor/Getty Images for Mr. Nice Tie

In recent days, artists and ball players have provided a gotdamn clinic on how NOT go about several facets of everyday living. They’ve also exposed one of the most significant double standards we have in the Venus vs Mars debate. For those not in the know, a singer you don’t know named Kehlani used to date Cleveland Cavaliers PG Kyrie Irving and either did or didn’t cheat on him with her ex, a singer you may or may not know named PARTYNEXTDOOR, then allegedly attempted suicide because of the social media backlash she experienced.


Because God has a sense of humor and likes to point out how fuckin’ human humans are, a few days later, Los Angeles Laker PG D’Angelo Russell got the cold shoulder from his teammates (and pretty much every man alive) for videotaping and THEN releasing a video of his teammate, Nick Young aka Swaggy P, admitting to cheating on his fiancée, “rapper”/non-rapper Iggy Azalea, an alleged prank gone too far.

This is when Brick starts killing people.

When the IG post from PND showed up, Kehlani caught wreck. She pretty much got blasted all over the social medias for cheating on Kyrie, whether or not that’s what really happened. None of us know. This is part of the problem with putting your relationship on social media anyway, folks have some view into your life, and because you place it out there, they feel it is their right to comment on it (it is). So as soon as PND put that post up, stating that his R&B chick was back in his bed, folks who keep up with this shit insinuated that she was outchea cheating.

Maybe she was. I have no clue. She said they broke up weeks ago. I have no reason not to believe her. But truth ain’t as interesting as the salacious possibility of somebody that you don’t know cheating on another person that you don’t know, publicly. Kehlani was disputed, debated, hated, and viewed in America as a motherfucking trollop. She was the buss it wide open spokeswoman. Men let her have it. Women let her have it. You can’t be out here cheating. Because that’s wrong.

The dumb part about this is that we all know the stats on cheaters. There are motherfuckers cheating RIGHT now on their significant others. Literally, while reading this, its going down in the some of your DMs with your ex or some chick or dude you’re trying to catch the buns from while your unsuspecting (or possibly suspecting) significant other is living their life like its golden.

Or maybe doing the same shit that you are. I don’t condone cheating, but its interesting to me how quick folks are to call out cheaters when almost all of us either are or know people who have or are currently cheating on their girlfriends, sidepieces, and wives. Somehow, Kehlani got dragged for it. And let’s be real, it’s because she’s a woman. Plain and simple. The rules are different for women: act like men are expected to act and you’re a tramp. How do we know this is real life?

Because despite the fact that D’Angelo Russell outted Nick Young as a cheater, (probably accidentally because he wasn’t thinking), the ENTIRE conversation is about how fucked up D’Angelo is. The fact that Nick Young is a cheater is an afterthought. Hell, even I made it a less-than story. Sure, he shouldn’t cheat. But D’Angelo is a snitch for putting his business out there like that. Nobody should fuck with D’Angelo on a personal level because of this. Fuck that nigga D, yo. People that don’t know D’Angelo Russell don’t fuck with D’Angelo Russell.


Hell, I’m one of them. I don’t want to have any convos with him because I don’t trust him to keep it to himself and I’m not doing a damn thing wrong. Which is another issue, and a very valid one. But the fact that Nick Young ADMITTING to cheating on his girl is not nearly as big of a deal on the social medias as what Kehlani MAY OR MAY NOT have done is some shit. She got dragged; Nick Young is catching sympathy. The entire D’Angelo convo is about how big a fucking man code violation he committed. You do NOT under any circumstances (unless this nigga is fucking over your sister, mother, or other woman you share blood with, and even then I’m not sure a 2nd cousin really counts) throw your man under the bus. That’s what the story is with the Swaggy P vs D’Angelo story.

Not the REAL story: Nick Young is a cheating bastard who NOW has to deal with his real life fiancée. D’Angelo fucked with Nick Young’s household so he’s the pariah. And rightfully so. But Kehlani is out here living her life and somehow, someway, she’s a harlot.


She got dragged so badly, that she apparently attempted suicide. I wasn’t all up and through her mentions but I can’t imagine how bad it must have gotten for a woman to decide that maybe life wasn’t worth it. I tend not to care too much about what people think, but thousands of people aren’t calling me a dirty dick motherfucker either. I don’t know how I’d react if I was a singer that nobody was super familiar with, but all of a sudden I’m famous for potentially cheating on Kyrie Irving who is somehow being made out to be a this good guy who got screwed over. I don’t know shit about Kyrie Irving; if she did leave his ass, maybe it was for reasons, but there’s no benefit of the doubt here.

Being a woman probably comes with a lot of great perks. I really wouldn’t know, I’m not a woman. But when I see the bullshit women have to go through, I actively thank the Lord for making me a man. I feel bad for Kehlani and I actually think she ain’t lying. Meanwhile, I think Swaggy P is an ain’t shit nigga and is always going to be an ain’t shit nigga, but nobody cares, because ain’t shit niggas aren’t supposed to get exposed by their boys. That’s what “Don’t Date Him Girl” is for. And don’t get me wrong: D’Angelo Russell is all kinds of a bitch ass nigga for recording his man giving the world’s dumbest deposition. But at the same time, Swaggy P is ALSO the world’s dumbest man for giving the world’s dumbest deposition.


Do you know what the biggest lesson I take from all of this is: keep your relationships the fuck off of social media or at least don’t OD on them. Really. Oh, and also, if a motherfucker is asking you too many questions, getting all up in your Kool-Aid, you need to ask why the fuck they’re asking so many questions getting all up in your Kool-Aid and if you find out they’re recording you, you break their shit. You can’t even watch somebody delete shit nowadays, the Cloud is real.

But keep something for yourself. Social media is dope for many reasons. But if you put your life out there, everybody feels free to comment on it. More people are paying attention than you realize, especially when you’re famous. Those millions of folks who you want to like your pics when you get that exclusive pair of Jordan’s, well those motherfuckers are also looking at the pics of who you’re with in St. Kitts and remembering and cross-referencing and indexing.


But mostly, we have got to stop with this double standard. If Kehlani is possibly wrong, then Nick Young is first in line for the firing squad. Ultimately that’s Iggy’s decision to make, but we can’t make him an afterthought if we’re going to go for the jugular on a woman out her living her life too.

Damn Daniel, dis tew much.



So when are we gonna talk about how these #dumbass man code rules set ridiculous expectations of men for real? I mean it's now worse for D'Angelo to think a dude is #fuckedup, and decidedly put him on blast about it than it is to actually be #fuckedup. That don't sound stupid to anybody else? D'Angelo gotta stifle himself because of his peen? He's a BAN because he dared to put somebody's b/s on front street? It ain't like he released medical records or credit scores. Dude is getting flack for outting somebody who should be outted. Come on!