Olympic Champion Carl Lewis Running for Office


The Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis is running for political office. On Monday, Lewis said he plans to "run all the way to Trenton," as he announced his new career as a Democratic candidate for New Jersey Senate. Cynthia Burton reports that Lewis said he decided to run because his charity work, which includes coaching the Willingboro High School track team, wasn't enough to solve the complex problems of the state. Burton also quotes Lewis saying, "You get to the point where you feel like you've kind of reached an end of what you can do" outside the historic courthouse in Mount Holly.

Lewis' candidacy raised the spirits of Burlington County Democrats, who have been on a losing streak. Earlier this year, the county surrogate and clerk, who had won their posts as Democrats, switched to the Republican Party. Even though he is a celebrity, Lewis faces an uphill battle running on the Republican-dominated eastern side of Burlington County against well-known incumbent Dawn Marie Addiego of Evesham.

Lewis has faced hurdles before, and he will symbolically face them again in this political race. As the 10-time Olympic medalist knows, you have to show up to compete, no matter the odds stacked against you. Carl Lewis is in the race.

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