Olivia Pope: Just Like All Reality Show Chicks

Shonda Rhimes and Kerry Washington (Getty Images)
Shonda Rhimes and Kerry Washington (Getty Images)

CBS Atlanta's Mo Ivory argues that the Scandal star's storyline is neither romantic nor inspiring.

And I am going to just say it: Olivia Pope is no different than Joseline from "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" or Kim from "Real Housewives of Atlanta" – she just has more expensive clothes, a higher paying job and tighter security. She is no breath of fresh air, nuanced or complicated, and definitely not a rarity in black female representation. She is merely presented on a shiny platter in a sparkly house instead of at the bar in a strip club.

A hooker provides the same service as an escort … they just cost more and are found in different locations.

You see, we love Olivia because she is beautiful, smart, a professional and seems to be regulating in a way many of us – and by us, I mean all women – would like to be. Some find it an unfortunate circumstance that she just happened to fall in love with the President and can't stop loving him because he loves her back .. SO hard. The whole thing is so romantic.


No, not really. Here's the truth: She's having an affair with a married man who made sure he secured a really good job for her that she has been able to turn into a profitable business.


Read Mo Ivory's entire piece at CBS Atlanta.

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Mo Ivory is co-host of The Frank Ski Show on WHUR-FM in Washington, D.C. Follow her on Twitter.

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