Ohio Man Harassed, Threatened Elderly Black Neighbor, Encouraged 4-Year-Old Son to Call the 70-Year-Old Racial Slurs

Keirian Kelly (Cleveland County Jail)
Keirian Kelly (Cleveland County Jail)

There are assholes, there are monumental assholes, and then there are people like this Cleveland man who was arrested after harassing his elderly black neighbor while using racial slurs, and encouraging his 4-year-old son to call the woman the n-word.

According to Cleveland.com, Keirian Kelly also threatened to stab the woman multiple times over a three-month span.

The report notes that Kelly, 28, is facing felony charges of ethnic intimidation and was arrested back in August, but no charges were filed then and he was issued a summons for his Dec. 4 arraignment.


The elderly woman’s troubles with her disturbing neighbor began back in July, according to police reports and court documents. The woman said that she accidentally fell into Kelly’s wife in the lobby of their apartment complex.

Kelly and his wife berated the woman, 70, but the wife eventually regained control of her emotions. Her husband, apparently not so much. Kelly continued to target and harass the woman with several threats and racial slurs, causing the woman to fear for her life.

Kelley referred to the woman as a “nigger” several times during a confrontation later in July, beating his chest and yelling in the lobby that he would stab the woman. A security guard put him in handcuffs and called the police.

Still, I guess that white masculinity came in real handy, because the woman somehow happened upon Kelly again on Aug. 10 while she was walking down the street, and he started yelling racial slurs at her from across the street. Kelly then approached the woman and spit on her before yelling another racial slur and threatening to kill her and her son.


You’d think at this point, surely something would be done about this maniac, right? But no. The woman had the horror of coming across Kelly again later that month inside the lobby of their apartment building, where he called her the n-word three times and said, “I’m gonna get you,” according to the police report.

The woman said that Kelly also coaxed his 4-year-old son into calling her the horrible slur.


The woman said she was “very hurt” by the young child’s use of the word and was “visibly shaken” when she reported the incident to police, according to the report.

One would hope that the unidentified victim will never have to run into Kelly again, but who knows? After all, she has already been forced to put up with his alleged behavior so many times already.


Read more at Cleveland.com.

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This dude could stand to take a brick or two to the teeth.

NOTE TO ALL: Miss me with the “violence isn’t the answer” shit. This dude clearly hasn’t had his clock cleaned for him.