Ripley, Ohio, has a new local hero. Five-year-old Virtuous Rose Bennett was honored by the city for her courageous 911 call that ended up saving her grandmotherā€™s life about two weeks ago.

The kindergartner at St. Michael School was honored by students and community members Wednesday at her school for the courage she displayed during her grandmotherā€™s sudden illness.

According to the Ledger Independent, Lt. Howard McClain of the Ripley Life Squad detailed how the incident unfolded to students at St. Michael.

ā€œAbout two weeks ago, Rose knew that her grandmother was very, very ill,ā€ McClain said. ā€œShe knew that her grandmother was not acting the way she normally would, so Rose picked up the telephone and called 911.ā€

Roseā€™s grandmother, Beverly Lipps, was suffering from a stroke, McClain explained.


McClain applauded Rose on her composure throughout the whole ordeal and doing what was needed to help her grandmother.

ā€œRose remained calm. She told us that something was not right and her grandmother was ill, so she called 911,ā€ McClain said. ā€œThis is a hero. She did something that stepped out of her comfort zone. She remained calm, courageous, and she helped her grandmother.ā€

The EMS presented Rose with a certificate that read: ā€œ911 Hero Award, presented to Virtuous Rose Bennett showing bravery and saving a life. You are amazing, you are strong, you are smart and most of all, you are a hero.ā€


Life-squad members also gave her a shirt that read, ā€œFuture Cadet of the Ripley EMS.ā€

Rose was able to meet with the members of the Brown County Air-Evac and Ripley Life Squad who helped her save her grandmother. Lipps had to be flown to the University of Cincinnati, where she got the treatment she needed.

ā€œWithout Rose, we wouldnā€™t have been able to play a part,ā€ Program Director Jonathan McKinnish of Air-Evac 89 Brown County said, according to the Ledger Independent. ā€œThe chain of survival and all of the steps that took place to get Roseā€™s grandmother to where she was able to walk in today started with this 911 call.ā€


ā€œIā€™m very proud of her. It takes my heart; Iā€™m kind of in tears,ā€ Roseā€™s grandmother added. ā€œIt still brings me to tears to think that she saved my life. Iā€™m very proud of her, and it means a lot to me. I wouldnā€™t be here today if it wasnā€™t for that little girl.ā€

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