Officer Who Fatally Shot Tamir Rice Denied Reinstatement After Ohio Supreme Court Denies Appeal

Former officer Timothy Loehmann was fired in 2017 due to inaccuracies on his job application.

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While it’s nothing close to justice, the firing of the violent thug cop who fatally shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice will stand after the Ohio Supreme Court denied his appeal.


Insider reports that the court declined to hear former Cleveland Police officer Timothy Loehmann’s appeal regarding his 2017 firing from the department. The Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association filed an appeal on behalf of Loehmann in April. In 2014, Loehmann fatally shot Rice while he was playing with a toy gun outside of a recreation center. He was cleared by a grand jury the following year, and in 2016 the city of Cleveland agreed to pay the Rice family $6 million.

Samaria Rice, Tamir’s mother, has actively fought for Loehmann to not be reinstated to his job. In a statement released to through her attorney, Rice said she was “glad that Loehmann will never have a badge and gun in Cleveland again.”

You’d think that fatally shooting a child holding a toy gun would be enough to get you fired, right? Unfortunately, we don’t live in a country that makes any fucking sense, and Loehmann’s firing came not a result of the shooting, but because of inaccuracies on his application for the job. Nothing like doing the right thing for the completely wrong reason.


The city fired Loehmann in May 2017, after and The Plain Dealer learned that Independence police supervisors allowed Loehmann to resign from their department in 2012 after a series of incidents, including emotional breakdowns on the gun range. Independence determined Loehmann was unfit to be a police officer. Loehmann also failed a 2009 written exam to join the Maple Heights police department.

Loehmann did not disclose either of those incidents on his application to join Cleveland’s police department, and the city did not obtain a copy of his personnel files. After the revelations about Loehmann’s history, the city changed its policy to require the department to obtain personnel files of police applicants who worked at other departments.

Only a white man could have the audacity to lie on their job application, fatally shoot a child due to clearly being unfit for that job, and act like they’re still owed something. You shot a kid and got away with it. You should be happy if you can even get a job stocking shelves at Walmart at this point. Hopefully, for Rice’s sake, this long saga is finally over.


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The -only- thing to be thankful for is that homeboy is too toxic for the time for another dept to pick up...for now. I expect that he will find his way back into the line of duty in another state.

I’m only slightly impressed that they went with the ‘lying on his job app’ way of firing him. That is usually the safe out when it’s clear they don’t want to get the other cops feathers all ruffled at the the idea that they will be held accountable for extremely poor judgement calls that result in someone dead or cripplied for life.