Obama's Health Care Crusade

"What, me worry?
"What, me worry?

With his daily approval numbers taking the deepest dip thusfar, President Obama tries to drum up support for his health-care reform by hitting the road. It's a hard sell because people aren't anti-reform, they are pro-themselves. Somehow, they think they have the magic job that will last forever and never have any need for a nationalized health plan a fall-back.


They aren't willing to chuck in some extra dough to help out the little people (many of whom who happen to be black) who are disproportionately affected by not having health-care. Some people just don't get it, despite the simplest of explanations. Or maybe they get, but don't want it. They don't want goverment in the health-care business—-people like to feel as if they can make thier own choices. The conservatives are pulling thier hair out: last week it was cars, then banks, this week it's health care. Next week, Obama has a kiosk at the mall, selling ultrasounds and unsightly hair-removal. People want a government to do one thing well: govern. OK. Fair enough.

But we all need to be able to afford to get sick, right?

Iowa is firing up support and tha't the kind of grassroots effort Obama needs because so much of pushing the reform through is convincing the people in middle America that health-reform in their best interest: Obama has to sell ths reform to his white, middle-class base to get these folks to call in to their Congressman and get it passed. He thought he could push it through by August, but he was dreaming. Wiith even some of his Dems asking hard questions and the $1 Trillion start-up fee, it's a sticky wicket costing Obama alot of friends. This may not be the change they had in mind.

What do you think of Obama's health-care reform? Have you gotten any calls asking for your support? What do you need to hear to get behind it?

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