I know Black is the new American pastime [more or less].  It's also the new conversation, appetite, latest play, movie star, attitude and overall new American template for successful consumerism.  However, I'm wondering if it's overload.  Let me be more honest:  I wonder if I'm feeling overloaded with Black.  Yes, I should be jumping up and down with glee. There's a black president in the White House, Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey have come together to produce quality film, and there's even a black GOP leader.  Wait a minute; I am jumping up and down with glee.  A lot. I think I might be tired.

In the last two months there's been at least seven major theater productions in NYC written and performed by black folks.  There's been discussions on black historical significance, breaking black stereotype, the impact of American Blacks on Liberia, Blacks in the Punk Scene, Blacks in the Conservative Scene, Blacks who look White but who can roll a blunt like nobody's business.  Whew! I'm not complaining, but I do need a rest.  Truth be told, I may be experiencing withdrawal from living under so little “publically-recognized” Black and all of this new Black has a brother on constant tipsy.  I’m thinking I need to step up my workout: this overabundance of Black is wearing me out.

How are you handling all of the Black?

Keith Josef Adkins is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and social commentator.